Interview with Mr Anil Kothe | Founder & MD of Yog Electro Process Private Limited

    Anil Kothe was originally from Hanuman Takli village in Ahmednagar district was born in the lower-middle-class farmer family. He completed his engineering diploma at the age of 17 in 1984. And then at the age of 17, he went out of the house with 90 bucks in his pocket and a bicycle and headed towards Pune.

    He got a job in a company and started working at a salary of Rs 400.
    From Rs 400 he kept 200 for himself and sent the rest of his money to his poor farmer father.

    After working for a few years, Anil got a strong desire to start his own business and he decided to try his luck in the thermal industry.

    Using his engineering skills, he started manufacturing thermocouples with the registration of a partnership firm, there was no capital, Anil set up the business by saving some money from salary and taking some money from friends. He started his business from home.

    Later, Anil started getting orders and Anil fulfilled those orders and made the delivery on a bicycle.
    After a few days of hard work, the golden days finally came in Anil’s life, then Anil purchased an office for himself at Nana Peth in Pune In 1998. Now Anil’s hard work was a success and now no one could stop Anil’s progress.

    We asked some questions to Anil about his orgnazation, Let’s see what Anil said.

    Q 1. When did you “charter” the business?

    Answer: In 1986 we formed Yog Electro Process, a partnership firm & started working from home.

    In 2007, we converted Yog Electro Process (Partnership firm) into Yog electro process private limited and then we got NABL Accreditation for thermal in 2010.

    In 2012 we moved the company to MIDC-Bhosari.

    While working in Bhosari, we felt that space was running low and now something has to be done about space, so we purchased 15,000 squires fit land at Chakan in 2015. After the completion of the architectural work, we have finally shifted to our magnificent place this year (2020).

    Q 2. Describe the services/product that you offer to your customers and in what 
    the way they are unique?

    Answer: We are a global market leader and manufacturer in temperature (Thermocouple, RTD), pressure and level measurement technology. We have an experience of 33 years since it is established in the year of 1986. Working together with our customers, we develop comprehensive solutions based on our high quality and calibrated measurement technology components and instruments, with the solutions ultimately being integrated into their business process. and the unique thing is we have an in house NABL accredited lab for thermal.

    Q 3. What is your compnay mission?

    Answer: Company’s mission is to supply the products, automation systems, and services, which meet the customer requirements and enhance customer satisfaction.

    Q 4. How do you advertise your business?

    Branding and Identity are Key. But the biggest single action we can take to advertise our business is doing solid work and give the best service. Word-of-mouth is a powerful thing. However, today with all of the changes in marketing, we have changed from the old “push” marketing to “pull” marketing.

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    • Partnerships

    Q 5. If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

    Answer: Make your own future! Create and be part of something that is bigger than yourself. Nobody is going to give it to you; you have to work hard for your dreams. Only then success is guaranteed. In order to win big you have to take calculated risks. You will find that nothing great just happens on its own, you can’t sit on the sidelines and wait for it. Be ruthlessly persistent and have razor focus! 

    Good luck to Anil’s next journey.

    Akshada Patil
    Akshada Patil
    Editor & Chief at Investigator magazine, also enjoys doing field research and writing papers on mollusks. She is fond of swimming and being in the ocean. At home, you might find her reading a stack of science magazines or studying Buddhism. She thinks the most important thing any of us can do is try to make the world a better place for everyone else

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